We help creators develop branding that stands out from the crowd.  With comprehensive industry research, creative development, and test marketing, we bring your brand to life with powerful visual representation, message, and consumer engagement to match your mission.

CREATOR Branding

Many online and content-based businesses are focused around the creator.  For coaches, artists, journalists, or any type of creator, branding that reflects your personality is key.  Create media that can translate. 

Empowered By Plants is the podcast program of vegan fitness expert, Emily Henry.  She works with plant-based athletes and lifestyle consumers that are interested in maximizing their nutrition and fitness through meaningful education and planning.


In audio media like podcasts, there can be limited opportunities for visual recognition of the brand.  A good cover art design can put a face to the name and voice on the audio program.  Another important consideration is plan branding that can be utilized across media channels like blogs, video, or different types of social media.

Cover art can always be changed and updated along the path.  Your podcast’s name can even be changed.  But it’s important to consider the cross-media implications and continuity opportunities for your social media content.


One of the best ways for education-based entrepreneurs or small brands to grow is to produce or participate in events.  Whether in-person or virtual, workshops and classes can be invaluable for establishing your following and consumer trust.  We’ve done extensive work with event organizers.

This series is for a beverage festival producer in Seattle, WA.  We worked with the producers of the Seattle Fest Series and Bellevue Taste Series to create branding for 6 recurring beer/cider festivals and 10 wine/spirits tasting events.